Our editorial services
Customer-specific texts with a high editorial quality

Our experienced editorial team produces a range of different types of high-quality texts. These include book manuscripts, specialist articles and presentations. Our topics are just as diverse as our editorial product portfolio. From logistics to occupational safety to staff training – DEKRA Media is your expert partner.

Book manuscripts

We work with you to develop your specialist book and support you – from the foreword to the glossary. Our editorial team arranges the content that you supply in a sensible, informative way and then produces the final manuscript.

We stay in touch with you throughout the entire process so that you know where you stand and can plan accordingly.

Professional articles

Our texts are distinguished by our expert knowledge and excellent editorial quality.

We conduct our research based on reliable sources and our network of experts and write high-quality professional articles in line with your requirements. Our experienced proofreaders provide the linguistic finishing touches.

Presentations and management training

Appealing presentations don’t just make training more interesting for participants.

They also help to ensure that the information is successfully internalised. We produce clear and informative presentations for your information events or management training sessions.

Our areas of expertise

vielfältige formate
Transport & logistics
Billions of tons of goods are transported by road, rail and water in Germany each year. Companies are constantly being faced with new regulations and opportunities in this sector. As a qualified partner for the transport and logistics sector, we always keep abreast of innovative technologies and new regulations.
Automotive industry and eMobility
We follow the developments within the automotive industry closely and keep a close eye on alternative possibilities in drive technology. As such, you can also rely on our expertise when it comes to electrical mobility solutions.
Medientechnische Kompetenz und Ausstattung
Occupational health and safety
We have been successfully supporting companies regarding topics concerning safety for decades. For this purpose, our editors have produced informative texts based on the latest regulations and directives for the DEKRA Safety Web – our training portal for all things concerning occupational health and safety and compliance.
Journalistische Qualität
Inspecting work equipment
The German Working Conditions Act calls on employers to arrange work in such a way that it does not harm employees. In order to meet this requirement, the safe use of equipment such as lifting platforms, ladders and steps must be guaranteed. This demands expertise so that these items can be inspected on a regular basis. We provide you with this knowledge.
Schnelle Prozesse
Driver training
Our objective is to help to make road traffic a little bit safer each day. In order to achieve this, we produce successive expert content informing professional drivers, courier and parcel services and forklift drivers about the requirements and possibilities facing them regarding their vehicle.
Ausgebildete Texter und versierte Sprecher
Management training
We also know how to create informative content for managers. We develop interesting texts for WBTs, presentations and books. Our subjects include tips fpr leading appraisal interviews, dealing with psychological stress at work, behavioral strategy in threat situations and numerous compliance-related topics.

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