Our educational films
Get to the point – with educational films!

Educational films from DEKRA Media are informative and interesting. Wir our films, we are able to present both simple and complex content in a way that is both comprehensible and easy to follow. For our international clients, we can also produce the films in several languages or without voiceover. Check the boxes below to get an idea of our versatile formats.

Powerful images with voiceover. Supplemented by icons on request.
Minimalist with a wow effect – clear images with minimal text and a stylised design.
Cutout animation
Modern storytelling – precise coordination between action, narrative style and hand-drawn pictures with old-fashioned presentation.
2D animation
Stimulating and engaging – customised 2D animations with fully illustrated backgrounds, ranging from elaborate to minimalist.
2D animations without voiceover
An alternative without sound – ideal for multilingual target audiences and situations where no headphones are available or there is a high level of background noise.
Educational films with presenters
From one person to another – a presenter in front of a green screen with a teleprompter, all kinds of overlays and cross-fades available (images, icons, animations).
Short documentaries
Be there live – our short documentaries feature live action sequences, statements, presenters and animations.
360-degree video
A complete success – your target audience can enjoy interactive walking tours and new perspectives with our 360-degree videos.
A dynamic alternative to our cutout animation in a hand drawn fashion
3D animation
Explaining complex facts with high-end imagery in 3D
We make complex connections understandable by using visual memos and combining word and picture
2D animation with lip synchronization
Characters come to life - thanks to hand-drawn visuals and appealing illustrations. The characters' facial expressions add a high degree of authenticity to the synchronized voices.
Presenting work processes and activities vividly, – the documentary accompanies work processes on site and conveys practical knowledge via live action footage.
Virtual Interviews
Virtual interviews enable a personal exchange even in a digital form.
For further information on our educational films visit the YouTube channel DEKRA Safety Web.

Your benefits

Our team uses all of its creativity and expertise to produce educational films that present your content in a clear and understandable format.

vielfältige formate
Various formats
Thanks to many years of experience in the production of educational films, we have a great repertoire of formats to choose from. From a simple slideshow to icon and cutout animation films and 3D animations to educational films with presenters – we can do them all!
Creative expertise
Our educational films are interesting! We develop customised and unique solutions for your content. Our copywriters and digital media designers make sure of it. Our creativity knows no bounds! After all, we want your film to stay long in the memory of your customers.
Medientechnische Kompetenz und Ausstattung
Media technology
Our digital media designers design and produce your educational film in line with the latest trends and standards. In addition to the appropriate software, we also have our own film and recording studio, as well as high-quality filming equipment for both indoor and outdoor shoots.
Journalistische Qualität
Journalistic quality
Are you looking for an educational film on a specific topic but you lack the content? No problem! We can help you out here too! Our qualified editors will conduct the research and produce high-quality, accurate content on your behalf. Furthermore, we are supported by a large pool of networks from the DEKRA world.
Schnelle Prozesse
Fast processes
We conduct the entire design and production stages for your educational film in house. As a result, we can guarantee fast production processes. Our editors, media developers and camera operators always work hand in hand. And, of course, we make sure that you are always kept up-to-date, so you know exactly where you stand!
Ausgebildete Texter und versierte Sprecher
Qualified writers and narrators
Your target audience needs to understand what you want your film to explain to them. Our copywriters take care of it! Our specialists are able to formulate even complex topics in such a way that they are easy to understand. Experienced presenters and narrators then ensure that your content gets to the crux of the matter.
Our production process
Discussing topics

First we want to know what you want: Which content should the educational film impart? Who is your target audience? How and where should the content be used?

During a briefing, we will discuss your expectations and advise you on the best format to suit your purpose.

We will then work together with you to draw up a schedule for your project.

Narration and scribble

Now it is our turn!

Our project team will create educational films for you that linger long in the memory of your target audience. Our copywriters will write a narration based on our briefing that tells your individual story.

In addition, we will visualise key elements and scenarios to present your end product in the best possible way.


Whether drawn, animated, presented, set to music or without sound, filmed outdoors, inside or using green screen technology – as soon as you have approved the narration or scribble, our media technology team will get to work.



You are holding your very own educational film in your hands! A joint feedback round will then take place – do you want anything tweaking or changing?

We will then carry out these changes for you.

Have we piqued your interest?

Then get in touch! We are here to help!