Lufthansa makes use of WBTs from DEKRA Media
DEKRA Media GmbH creates Web Based Trainings (WBTs) for various departments and subsidiaries of the Lufthansa Group. To date, 17 WBTs have been developed in German and English covering the field of aviation security. More than 70,000 staff members belong to the target group.
The cooperation between DEKRA Media and the Lufthansa Group has been in place since 2017. At that time, the aviation security department of the long-established airline needed several WBTs at short notice due to legal changes and was looking for a qualified service provider through a public tender. DEKRA Media was able to convince, above all, with its many years of experience in the creation of electronic learning media as well as its flexibility in terms of time. DEKRA Media was awarded the assignment and therefore created WBTs in German and English for around 74,000 staff members.
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DEKRA and aviation security – a logical combination

DEKRA Media is pleased to have been able to support such a renowned client in various subject areas ever since. Especially for WBTs on aviation security, DEKRA is an obvious choice from a technical point of view. “DEKRA and security have always been closely linked. At DEKRA Media, we also have decades of experience in the production of electronic learning media. So we knew that we could also develop training courses on such a demanding topic as ‘aviation security’ that were informative, met all legal requirements and at the same time were exciting and didactically prepared to a high standard. It is this ability to present complex issues in a comprehensible way and process them to create a balanced mix of media makes us such a valuable agency partner,” says Wolfgang Reichelt, Managing Director of DEKRA Media, in summary of the cooperation.

Varied forms of media

DEKRA Media employs various animation and film techniques in its aviation security WBTs. They include icon films and slideshows, as well as educational films with presenters, who are on hand to guide participants through the training. Stimulating interactions and knowledge checks are used to add to these films. The result is a balanced mix of media, which can be used to reliably impart the information in a clear way. Authenticity was crucial in the live-action filming. That is why DEKRA Media visited its customer at the airports in Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Vienna. Examples of what we got up to in Frankfurt included accompanying an explosion detection dog and its trainer on a search of an aeroplane.
Customer-specific content like this is enormously enriching for WBT, finds Karsten Bode, project manager in the area of aviation security at the Lufthansa Group: “The employees’ ability to identify with their own company is essential for a successful transfer of knowledge. I was therefore very pleased with the commitment of DEKRA Media, which enabled us to give the training session a personal touch with individual content.”

A satisfied customer

In terms of content, the professional exchange between the two parties and the media technology implementation by DEKRA Media meant that training materials were created that left no prayers unanswered, says Bode. However, he was particularly positive about the cooperation on a personal level: “We are very satisfied, especially with the project management. Our contact person was available at all times and always gave our wishes and our input on the content maximum attention. DEKRA Media has also always kept all promises and always reliably delivered the content on the agreed date.” The fact that this content is of high quality was also demonstrated by way it achieved rapid certification by the Federal Aviation Authority.

Cooperation to be expanded

Due to the successful cooperation, the aviation security department of the Lufthansa Group will continue to rely on the expertise of DEKRA Media. DEKRA Media will continue to support its customers in updating and creating new WBTs, whilst several subsidiaries of the Lufthansa Group have already expressed interest in the training sessions.

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