Trusting cooperation with Westermann Berufliche Bildung GmbH
Westermann Berufliche Bildung GmbH is one of the best known providers of teaching and learning aids in vocational education and training. In addition to its successful print business, in recent years the publishing house has built up the GEORG digital learning platform. "I was very pleased that the GEORG team asked us whether we would like to support them with their media equipment," reports Wolfgang Reichelt, Managing Director of DEKRA Media GmbH, about the start of the project in 2019.

Production of moderated explanatory films and audio programmes

Working together closely, Westermann Berufsliche Bildungs GmbH and DEKRA Media initially defined the types of media that should be supplied. It turned out that explanatory films with a presenter and audio programmes were needed in a first step. For many years, DEKRA Media has been producing explanatory films with a presenter and audio programmes for customers worldwide, as well as for in-house productions – of course, using the in-house green screen studio or the in-house recording studio. This meant that the scripts supplied by Westermann Berufliche Bildung GmbH for explanatory films and audio programmes were able to be implemented quickly and easily.

Produktion von moderierten Erklärfilmen und Audios

The presenters used are part of the permanent staff of DEKRA Media and have been trained extensively for their task by professional service providers. Dr. Annette Hermanns, Head of Digital Learning Solutions at Westermann Berufliche Bildung GmbH, also discusses the best conditions for a successful product: “The more than 80 films using presenters enhance our educational offering significantly. They convey the sometimes complex content in an easily understandable and very appealing way by using a wide range of images, graphics and icons.”

Spreadsheet films

In addition to the media assets for GEORG, DEKRA Media has been regularly producing a range of film formats for other Westermann divisions since 2019. One example is the innovative spreadsheet films from DEKRA Media. Catchy descriptions by a speaker, graphic highlights and clear typographic overlays ensure that the trainees can now use their spreadsheets without any problems.


Creation of learning content with authoring tools

DEKRA Media also supports Westermann Berufliche Bildung GmbH in creating learning units using a range of authoring tools, such as Articulate Storyline. To facilitate this, the editorial team at DEKRA Media has steadily expanded its knowledge in this area. “For us, this flexibility is an essential reason why we are always happy to contact DEKRA Media,” says Dr. Annette Hermanns.

Close and trusted collaboration

In order to collaborate successfully over several years, the human level plays a decisive role, in addition to the high-quality work results. “Our work for Westermann Berufliche Bildung GmbH has always been characterised by close cooperation and trusting collaboration, which is not a matter of course today,” says Wolfgang Reichelt. Myriam Walter, Group Leader of the Digital Learning Solutions and Commercial Professions department, said: “We have always been able to rely on DEKRA Media and we knew that they pull out all the stops to ensure that our projects succeed. The current collaboration will certainly not be our last.”

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