DEKRA Media web-based training
Flexible online learning with WBTs – multimedia, available everywhere, 24/7

Our web-based training are distinguished by their high levels of creativity and interaction. We achieve this through our professionally presented educational films and through the targeted use of animation and icons. This guarantees a learning experience that is both interesting and efficient.

Simple processing

Our simple web-based training modules are often based on pre-existing PowerPoint slides, which we design for you in line with educational media considerations, add sound and graphics to and refine with simple animation technology.

DEKRA Media standard

Our standard web-based training modules mean that you can benefit from the entire range of different media.

Educational films with presenters, interactive exercises and quizzes are a key part of our standard formats, which come with full sound.

Customised Web Based Training

We are happy to produce your content as a completely new WBT designed just for you. In this case, we can process 2D animation films as well as scenic representations. We can also program the learning pathways and user interfaces in line with your requirements. There are almost no limits to the possibilities here!

Your benefits

Über 30 Jahre Erfahrung
Over 30 years’ experience
WBTs have been a key pillar of modern training solutions for many years. We have over 30 years’ experience in media-supported education and training. We are constantly expanding our repertoire and our pool of experts in the eLearning sector for your benefit.
Methodisch auf den Punkt
Methodic and to the point
Our WBTs provide the highest possible level of education that media can offer. Storylines provide a common theme and are combined with quizzes, interactive exercises, summaries and performance reviews to ensure that your learning content is taught in a way that sticks in the mind. We keep learning sessions appropriately short by splitting our learning content into modules.
Fachlich versiert
Technically adept
Precise language, short texts, uniform terminology and a tone that actively addresses learners – our editors ensure that the content of your web-based training modules match your target audience and focus on your learning goals. Qualified expert editors guarantee the quality of the content of the texts, while our proofreaders add the finishing touches.
Kreativ und modern
Creative and modern
We use a wide range of media to create motivating and effective learning sessions as part of our WBTs. This includes graphics, educational films, 2D and 3D animations, as well as videos and 360-degree films. We have a strong media technology team and produce all of our media in-house. This guarantees short production routes and streamlined working processes.
Technisch flexibel
Technically flexible
We can use any authoring tool that you desire to design our web-based training modules. We also program SCORM-compatible and responsive WBTs with HTML5, JavaScript and other programming environments. We can subtitle our audio-visual media on request, so that our web-based training modules are also accessible to all.
Do you want your web-based training modules in a different language? No problem! We will take care of the translation and can also localise your learning content. Whether undubbed, through voiceover or lip synchronisation, we don’t just translate your content, we also adapt it to suit your needs.
Alles aus einer Hand
Everything from one source
From planning to content development to technical realisation: we take care of everything for your web-based training! One of our qualified project managers will act as your contact partner throughout the entire production process. After all, our experience shows that effective communication is one of the keys to the success of a project.
Our production process
Our streamlined production process means that you can trust the planning schedule – see for yourself!
Workshop and topic discussion

First, we want you to tell us what you need. Which content do you want to convey with your web-based training? What is your aim? Who do you want to train?

During a joint workshop, we will discuss your expectations and advise you on the best format to suit your purpose. We will then work together to produce a schedule for your eLearning project.

Basic concept

Now it is our turn!

Our project team will create web-based training modules for you that reliably impart your information in a clear way. Our copywriters and eLearning editors will develop a storyline based on our joint workshop.

We will then summarise everything for you in a text-based basic concept. This gives you an initial impression of how your web-based training will look.


Our editors produce a detailed storyboard for your web-based training. It stipulates where different content, films, graphics, interactions, exercises and tests are inserted. Educational objectives are just as important as the conscientious preparation of the content.

The storyboard is then carefully checked by our proofreaders. If you like what you see then we will move on to production!


Now we create your WBT.

When it comes to media production, in addition to in-house media design solutions, we also have a recording studio and film studio, professional equipment for indoor and outdoor filming, as well as a pool of professional presenters, actors and narrators for our educational films.

Quality control

The detailed quality control process takes place at the end of each production. All of the parts of the eLearning project, as well as the features, layout and compatibility with all conventional browsers, end devices and the learning management system (LMS) in question are checked by our IT specialists.

It is only when the web-based training meets our quality standards that we present it to you.

Final approval and go-live

We launch a joint feedback round before the project goes live – do you have any other requests or do you want anything to be changed?

We will then carry out these changes for you!

Have we piqued your interest?

Then get in touch! We are here to help!