DEKRA Media and Westermann – a successful collaboration

DEKRA Media and Westermann – a successful collaboration

With the name Westermann, many people think immediately of school books. Westermann Berufsbildung GmbH is not only one of the best-known providers of print media in the field of vocational education and training. In 2019 the company also launched its successful GEORG digital learning platform. Since then, DEKRA Media has been supporting the publishing house in the creation of media for GEORG and other offerings. 

Media assets for GEORG 

To make the learning units on GEORG as exciting and varied as possible, the content is provided with a range of media assets. Based on scripts provided to them, DEKRA Media has in the meantime produced more than 80 explanatory films with presenters and many audio tracks. The collaboration is always fast and uncomplicated, as DEKRA Media has its own 4K green screen studio and its own recording studio. The presenters are also part of the DEKRA Media Team and are, as a result, always available at short notice.    

Other joint projects 

However, the production of media assets for GEORG is only part of the collaboration. DEKRA Media has also created several spreadsheet films for the publishing house's print area. The innovative format helps trainees to make the best use of their spreadsheets through tailor-made visualisations and easy-to-understand explanations with help from a speaker. You can find out more about the cooperation between Westermann Berufliche Bildung GmbH and DEKRA Media in our complete customer story.

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