DEKRA Media successfully completes webcast series for BIBB

DEKRA Media successfully completes webcast series for BIBB

The Smart Factory at VW in Wolfsburg, the digitalised carpentry training in Cologne, the virtual 3-D pump models at the Bottrop pump manufacturer Seepex - DEKRA Media has been able to document these and many other exciting innovations in vocational training on film over the course of the last few years as part of the webcast series for the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB).

The focus for DEKRA Media was always on the highest possible quality of implementation with a varied media mix: DEKRA Media filmed on location, deploying professional personnel and equipment, created animated 2-D sequences and recorded moderations in the in-house Greenscreenstudio.

The 12-part series, which is part of a 20-year cooperation between DEKRA Media and BIBB, came to a fitting conclusion at Daimler Truck AG. An advanced training project is currently under way at the Gaggenau plant in which the “Bella” game app has been integrated into a real learning object, the Mercedes-Benz Module 4.0. In addition, an exciting learning process accompanying story was developed with the main character of the game. In this way, the effects associated with the playful approach, such as the experience of flow, joy, fun, and increased motivation, can be clearly seen and also examined outside the digital world.

In the new webcast, DEKRA Media shows how trainees learn how the Mercedes-Benz Module 4.0 works in this explorative learning scenario supported by augmented reality. But just take a look for yourself at how Gaggenau makes it possible to explore an increasingly complex and, at first glance, abstract working world in a playful, self-discovering way that follows individual abilities:

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