What is an explanatory film in slideshow format?

What is an explanatory film in slideshow format?

Slideshows are one of the rather simple and budget-friendly formats of DEKRA Media’s explanatory films. But simple does not mean boring! Because the combination of expressive images, concise voice track and, if desired, realistic atmosphere creates a film with professional presentation character. Usually we don’t use moving material in slideshows, but static and clearly separated images. However, we are happy to add graphic elements such as icons or drawings upon request. An example of a slideshow film by DEKRA Media can be watched here.

Slideshows are among the eleven explanatory film formats that DEKRA Media now has in its standard repertoire: from slideshows, icons and layouts to complex 3-D animations, 360-degree videos and moderated explanatory films. The experts at DEKRA Media will be happy to advise you on which format or combination of formats will best convey your message to your target group. All explanatory film variants can also be found on the DEKRA Media website.

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